OK Scott Walker Is Now Officially An Ass Hole

I generally like to maintain a certain sense of decorum when writing about elected officials…even those I have major disagreements with. I try to avoid nicknames or name calling. I try to use their official titles when appropriate.

But this morning FORMER Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker earned the title of Ass Hole in a big way. Here’s the first portion of his Twitter ID:

In the following Tweet from this morning there is simply no indication that a Christian or a father exists in his head:

We know one of the major reasons why Vice President Joe Biden didn’t run for president in 2016…and under normal circumstances I am sure that he would have and would have very likely been the nominee.

Scott Walker should remove this Tweet. He should apologize to Mr. Biden.


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1 thought on “OK Scott Walker Is Now Officially An Ass Hole

  1. I don’t believe there was ever a time when the little weasel was not what you note. “Offially” might be an okay way to present it.

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