On The Second Day Of The RNC And There’s A Sale On Tump Gear: We Have The Special Code!

This appeared in the Blogging Blue email this morning…a big sale on Trump 2020 Campaign Gear!!! So just so YOU don’t miss out, continue to read and glom onto the secret code!

Have you shopped at our 2020 Convention sale yet?

The 2020 GOP Convention is THIS WEEK and we want to make sure ALL of President Trump’s TOP supporters like YOU have all the Trump gear you need.

For a limited time, President Trump’s TOP supporters can use code 2020RNC to get 30% OFF their favorite Trump 2020 gear.

Remember, this is the ONLY Official Trump Campaign Store. Don’t wait to shop the sale!

Thank you,

Team Trump 2020

P.S. As always, everything is Made in America.

Oh…I forgot to mention…the special offer expires at 11:59 tonight…not 11:59 and 14 second (snark). But they didn’t say EDT or CDT or whatever…shrug!


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