So Trump Sent More Than Just National Guard Troops To Kenosha

Apparently federal agents in unmarked and unlicensed black vehicles have ‘apprehended’ a group known as riot kitchen 206 before they could actually do anything. Seems a little heavy handed at the moment.

Video has emerged showing law enforcement officials in Kenosha, Wisconsin, detaining people and forcing them into unmarked vehicles.

In one clip, several vehicles with no license plates can be seen surrounding a silver van at an intersection. One officer smashes a window and before a woman is pulled out through the open door.

One officer then drives the silver vehicle away from the scene while others are being detained.

The people rounded up are believed to have members of Riot Kitchen 206, a nonprofit that provides meals for protesters and the homeless. The group was in Kenosha to offer food to those taking sport in the mass demonstrations which have broken out in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake.

I imagine that there will be more news on this…but on its face, this is troubling.

My friends who have done nothing but good for people have just been kidnapped and we are trying to find them.


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  1. Time for our local authorities to move in and arrest and jail these jackboot thugs.

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