So Where Oh Where Is Kyle Rittenhouse’s Gun?

On Saturday I posted about a claim made by one of Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys about the gun used by Master Rittenhouse in the slayings of two Americans and the wounding of another in Kenosha WI last week. In short, here’s a quote from his attorney:

“Kyle did not carry a gun across state line,” L. Lin Wood said in a tweet Friday morning. “The gun belonged to his friend, a Wisconsin resident. The gun never left the state of Wisconsin.”

This quote was originally published on the JSOnline website on Friday August 28, 2020 and in the print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Saturday August 29, 2020. I have been watching for additional information since that time but I haven’t seen anything published yet.

But I have plenty of follow up questions:

Does any law enforcement agency have the weapon used by Master Rittenhouse in custody? If so, when did they acquire it? Where did they acquire it? Who had it? Is that individual in custody? Are charges being considered?

If law enforcement is not in possession of the weapon…who is looking for it? Where are they looking? Do they have a person of interest who they suspect is in possession of the weapon?

Quite frankly, since the gun is a prime piece of evidence in a pair of deaths and whether a minor violated a number of gun laws, it would seem possession and control of the weapon would be of prime concern to any number of law enforcement agencies.

So where is it?


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