The Military Really Needs To Step Up On Sexual Assault And Mental Health.

And the Army in particular needs to have an immediate and thorough investigation at Fort Hood TX like…RIGHT NOW!

Today’s news includes another sad story about a young soldier who apparently took his life after reporting a sexual assault. The body of Sgt. Elder Fernandes was apparently found hanging from a tree near Fort Hood and no foul play is suspected. This is incredibly sad and should have been preventable.

And WE keep saying how much we value our troops but when things like this occur you have to wonder how deeply we are feeling that value.

And we already know that we don’t do enough about sexual assault or mental health in general around the nation, but given the work load and stress that we place on our service members, it is unforgiving that we don’t take care of them when they need our help.

Apparently there is already a call for a Congressional investigation into the incidents at Fort Hood. That may be a place to start but the United States needs to insure that we are providing all of our service members a safe and healthy environment in every way possible.


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