These Are The Victims Of The Kenosha Protest Shooting

From the Huffington Post and also reprinted in Yahoo News. The first two men were killed by Kyle Rittenhouse…and the third sustained a wound to the arm. Some of the video and photos included in the linked articles are fairly graphic.


Huber, 26, was from the Silver Lake community in Kenosha County, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. An avid skateboarder, Huber was “really sweet” and “really friendly,” friends told the newspaper. 

He was one of the most amazing people,” Huber’s girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, said at a gathering Wednesday night near the location where he was killed. “He took down an armed gunman with nothing but his fucking skateboard, and he took that fucking bullet.” 


Rosenbaum, a 36-year-old father, lived in Kenosha, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Rosenbaum originally came from Texas and is survived by his fiancee and 2-year-old daughter. 

Rosenbaum, known by friends and family as “Jojo,” was a jokester and “loved his daughter very much,” his sister told the Chicago Sun-Times.


Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the arm Tuesday and is recovering in the hospital, the Journal Sentinel reported. A resident of West Allis, Wisconsin, Grosskreutz was at the protest with the social justice group the People’s Revolution Movement. 

Friends told Milwaukee TV station WTMJ that Grosskreutz was a volunteer medic at Tuesday’s protest and had also been at other Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.

I am not going to clip the photos so I can stay out of copyright problems, but for the record all four men involved in these incidents are white.


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