Update On The Need For Poll Workers

I just wrote an off the cuff piece about the continued need for poll workers yesterday…and then this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article pops up today! Wisconsin clerks say they’re 900 poll workers short for the Aug. 11 primary

Wisconsin clerks are reporting they are about 900 poll workers short for the Aug. 11 primary election, the state elections commission said Tuesday.

“We know there are Wisconsinites looking for ways to serve their communities through this difficult time,” Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief elections official, said in a statement.

“If you are a state, county or municipal employee, a teacher, a student or someone who is looking for temporary work, municipal clerks need you to step up and help right now.”

There are requests for poll workers in municipalities in more than 40 of the state’s 72 counties.

Among the cities facing big shortages — Appleton (60 poll workers), Green Bay (50), Oshkosh (50) and Racine (40).

Eighty-six poll workers are needed in Milwaukee County, including 20 in Wauwatosa and 18 in Franklin.

Municipalities in Ozaukee County are looking for 12 poll workers, while in Waukesha County around 80 are needed. Washington County municipalities report they have enough poll workers.

So times a wasting…if you’d like to serve the civic good…and pick up some extra spending cash…consider working the polls next week:

Anyone who is interested in working should contact their municipal clerk’s office or visit the MyVote Wisconsin website.


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