USPS Cost Cutting Measures?

This is being posted without knowledge of the testimony in Congress by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. This goes to earlier comments about cutting costs at the postal service.

I worked out in the real world for 54 years…except for eighteen months at the University of Illinois Hospital at the Chicago Medical Center…all of them were for profit enterprises. When things got tough, expenses often had to be trimmed.

So the most common actions were to cut inventory where ever possible, reduce marginal locations or facilities, and always but always…find ways to reduce head count…lay off or fire employees. So of course, the move to reduce overtime at USPS makes perfect sense.

Not once…not ever…did I encounter an employer getting rid of automation. Often the push would be to find new ways to automate. You don’t cut automation. If GM or Ford need to reduce auto production they close or furlough a redundant plant. They don’t take robots out of the operating plants.

So when I hear that the post office is removing automated sorters to cut costs…well the for profit manager that still dwells in the back of my brain…calls bullshit.


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