Who Thought That Having Julia Louis-Dreyfus Tell Lame Jokes Was A Good Idea?

I ‘missed’ the first two nights of the Democratic National Convention telethon but saw most of Wednesday night and all of last night’s presentation. Who the hell thought that having Julia Louis-Dreyfus tell those lame jokes was a good idea?

Sure, making fun of how the president has mispronounced words or misspelled words on social media is a hoot…but the was the DNC for crying out loud.

We all know the president’s personal shortcomings…let’s stick to his abject failures in running the nation. That is the story we have to tell and hammer home!

Yeah, I can’t wait to retire Vice President Pence but we need to be better than making fun of how to pronounce his name…yes I understand that the right has had fun mispronouncing Kamala, but that’s on them.

We got a serious job to do and ok, some lightheartedness has its place, but elementary school playground humor isn’t what we need right now.


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