Why Is Kenosha Getting National Guard Troops From Arizona And Alabama?

Because the Trump regime is using alphabetical order? (sarcasm)

NPR this morning reported that the extra National Guard troops being sent to Kenosha are coming from (not here yet) Michigan, Alabama, and Arizona. But why?

We have plenty of contiguous states with qualified Guard members who would certainly be just as effective as any unit from Arizona or Alabama. And could probably be here in less than 24 hours…and for a lot less cost. So why aren’t we getting Guard units from Illinois or Iowa or Indiana or Minnesota. Certainly Vice President Pence can vouch for the effectiveness of the Indiana Guard, right?

So it will cost more and take longer to mobilize units from the South and the Southwest. And wouldn’t they be better suited to be available if like Louisiana and Texas need additional help as the damage from Hurricane Laura is evaluated? Or will they get units from South Dakota??

And why oh why would we want units from two of the major COVID-19 states to traipse across the nation and take on duties in a state that’s also struggling with the disease? Is the Trump regime actually creating an enviroment of super spreaders?

Just thinking out loud here.

P.S. my understanding is that by putting them under control of the Wisconsin National Guard that they don’t get credit for time served under federal VA pensions, etc.


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