State Elections Commission votes to keep Kanye West off Wisconsin ballot in November

The state Elections Commission voted Thursday to keep rapper Kanye West off Wisconsin’s presidential ballot in November — rebuffing supporters of President Donald Trump who have been pushing West’s spoiler campaign

On a 5-1 vote, the bipartisan commission ruled that West’s team failed to file its nomination by the deadline of 5 p.m. Aug. 4. The panel is made up of three Republicans and three Democrats.

West is running on the Birthday Party ticket with vice presidential candidate Michelle Tidball.

In a rather weird sense of logic, Republican Commissioner Robert Spindell voted to place Mr. West on the ballot, because:

“Mr. (Kanye) West is an African American candidate,” Spindell said, “and I think we should do all we can to — after the terrible treatment that the Black population in Milwaukee received during the April election — that we given (sic) them a choice.”

For those voting in the US House election to replace retiring Representative Jim Sensenbrenner…you may want to know: Spindell was appointed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

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