Blogging Blue Seems To Be Under Some Type Of Attack?

I don’t know exactly who or why but someone seems to be messing with Blogging Blue a bit. Normally our better read articles will hit 200 to 300 or so views over the first week to ten days after publication. But over the past few months we’ve seen posts from 8 to 10 years ago get 1000 visits in a day and linger in our top ten most popular posts list for weeks at a time.

And viewers are finding us using some pretty obscure or outdated searches…looking for names and phrases that haven’t been of current interest in years. I even reached out to a number of writers asking if a certain retired politician was trending and I wasn’t aware of it when an old post from 2012 by Zach pulled in nearly 3,000 page hits. Nothing new so, shrug?

Hasn’t been a detriment to Blogging Blue but I have been watching the trend wondering if we’ll start to see some denial of service attacks or other volume related hits as we near the election in November. Can’t imagine why we’d garner that kind of interest.

Surprisingly our contacts from Eastern Europe have dropped while readership from the US has grown…but I guess the bots can now spoof their locations better than formerly. But I do miss the feedback that actually comes in in Russian.

One thing I do find the most interesting is the largest number of page views comes from mobile Facebook…by huge numbers compared to other sources. I wouldn’t think reading Blogging Blue on a phone or tablet to be much fun. And it’s the end of the world today because the number of referrals from mobile Facebook is currently 666.

But even better…I got an email suggesting that the CIA is looking into BB! Oh man, now we’ve hit the big time!! Although the stilted English gave me pause.

So, interesting fun and games as we move into the sprint to November 3!


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