Do Not Write In Candidates On Your Ballot This Time

I am one of those guys who hate to see candidates run unopposed. Even those candidates that I favor. And I am guilty at times of writing in candidates. Most often in judicial races…I have a lot of very qualified lawyer friends and I have had a tendency to write them in against judges running unopposed. But I haven’t done that in years after I realized that this creates a lot of extra work for already overworked poll workers and I have given this up.

So, particularly in this election, don’t be ED! There are going to be tons of absentee ballots to process. Poll workers can’t even start on them until 7 AM on November 3rd…election day. It is going to take them hours and hours and hours…certainly well into November 4th at least. So don’t add to the effort to effectively tabulate the election by writing people in. There isn’t a write in that is going to win…nobody will notice…nothing is accomplished…election results are just delayed even further. Just DON’T Do It!


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