This is a little arcane! LOL!. But the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago allowed US District Judge William Conley’s ruling on absentee ballots in Wisconsin stand. I complained last week about Judge Conley’s late rulings on all of this…and this isn’t over yet despite it being just weeks away from the November 3rd election.

But essentially instead of absentee ballots being in the hands of election officials by 8 PM on November 3rd, they now have to be postmarked on or before November 3rd and received by November 9th to be counted. And other dates have been extended…like registration via the is now October 21st instead of October 14th.

The arcane? The Republicans who appealed the original ruling have no standing in appealing the original ruling:

Republican state lawmakers, the state Republican Party and the Republican National Committee appealed the decision.

The appeals court ruled Wednesday none of them had the authority to challenge Conley’s decision because they had not been harmed by it. The state and national arms of the Republican Party, for instance, “do not suffer any injury caused by the judgment,” the judges wrote in their decision.

Lawmakers can challenge matters that directly speak to their own interests, but not other matters, the judges found.

So the ruling doesn’t address the changes implemented by the lower court directly…only that the Republicans were not being directly injured by the ruling.

Interestingly, the three appeals judges are all Republican appointees:

The decision was issued by Judges Frank Easterbrook, Ilana Rovner and Amy St. Eve. Easterbrook was nominated to the bench by President Ronald Reagan, Rovner by President George H.W. Bush and St. Eve by Trump.

And any further appeal would need to go to the US Supreme Court…which is one Justice short and unlikely to address this in time for the November 3rd election…if they even decide they’d want to review it at all.

Side bar: another judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is one Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Luckily she didn’t draw this case or things could have gotten really interesting

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