How Long To Read The 200,000 Names Of The Dead

One of the most sobering portions of the 9/11 commemoration at the site of the World Trade Center is the reading of the names of the victims who died there…nearly 3,000 people. We must never forget.

I have heard that it takes somewhere between two and a half and three hours to read the names.

We aren’t done allowing people to die of COVID-19…but if if stopped today…how long would the commemoration ceremony last if we read the names of all 201,000 victims?


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6 thoughts on “How Long To Read The 200,000 Names Of The Dead

  1. As we’ve been treated to all the freedumb lovers’ excuses and reason for opposing Governor Evers’ emergency orders regarding the pandemic from several high profile GOP state legislators to the Wisconsin Institute (perhaps describing their court ordered special needs residence?)for Law and Liberty, it would be great if instead of the abusive attacks on the Governor and his authority to act during a pandemic, they could spend even 10% of their time offering other solutions to cooperate in dealing with this pandemic.

    I’m not hearing from any of these politically conservative whiners, any denial of the existence of a pandemic public health situation or Covid-19, yet all they offer is to ignore public health risks for the sake of some sort of “getting back to an economic normal,” capitalist exploitation of labor regardless of the human health consequences, exasperating further public health, and even with the predictable loss of life.

    A few labor strikes from manufacturing, education, product and retail shipping workers is what is needed to rein in the gerrymandered majority and hold them accountable to attempting positive steps (legislative action) to serve the constitution and the numerous public needs going unaddressed by them as they snipe at those like Evers making an attempt at serving the public good.

      1. Illegal? How? At most after Evers initial order it may take an act of the State Legislators to formally enact an extension. As we have seen the republican controlled statehouse abdicated their responsibility, it does indeed fall on the Governors shoulders to protect Wisconsinites.

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