10 thoughts on “Message To Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

  1. You wish. The Biden Rule (how ironic is that?) states “When a vacancy arises in an election year and the White House and Senate are CONTROLLED BY DIFFERENT PARTIES, then the vacancy should not be filled until after the election so the people essentially have the final say.” Since the Senate and White House are currently controlled by the same party, this rule is pronounced “Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett”.

      1. The “Biden Rule” refers to Biden’s floor speech on June 25, 1992 where the then Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Biden argued for delaying Supreme Court picks in 1992. Were you ignorant of that or is it your contention that the speech never happened?

        1. It’s not a rule, why not refer to Mitch McConnell’s and numerous other republican’s statements that the voters should decide? OH, are you just another partisan monkey who lacks critical thinking skills.

          1. Geo, you must have missed the “CONTROLLED BY DIFFERENT PARTIES” part of my first comment. Surely, someone with your fine critical thinking skills would understand that, given this context, the “voters should decide” comments of 2016 do not apply in 2020. Facts, context, and to a lesser extent nuance: your guide to quality political parley.

            1. It’s not a rule! If it was wouldn’t it have been superseded by McConnell’s “we’re republicans and don’t give a damn about consistency, fairness, the American voter or democracy” rule?

  2. Sorry Edward, I’m not seeing the opportunity to post a comment on your latest post about the unquestionably admired and sadly late RBG, RIP Ruth.

    Guessing a technical glitch or simply mourning about the final straw occurring to totally dissolve any remnants of an actual democracy about to be delivered to us.

      1. Thanks for that clarification and perfectly understandable, as some of us have lived through the career of an undeniable giant, RBG.

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