Yesterday was Sunday. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden attended church while the President of the United States golfed for the second day in a row.

But it’s what happens as a result that just is stultifying.

President Donald Trump’s campaign is coming under criticism after one of its senior staffers on Sunday mocked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for “meandering” through a cemetery. Biden was visiting the graves of his late son, Beau Biden, and his first wife, Neilia Biden, and daughter, Naomi Biden. 

Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015; Neilia and Naomi Biden were killed in a car accident in 1972.

Francis Brennan, the Trump campaign’s director of strategic response, tweeted:

REPORTER: “Mr. Vice President come talk to us.”

Joe Biden just keeps meandering along.

— Francis Brennan (@FrancisBrennan) September 6, 2020

The former vice president had just come from St. Joseph on the Brandywine church in Wilmington, Delaware, and was walking on a path through the cemetery. Trump was playing golf at roughly the same time

It was Sunday morning and the pet president of the Evangelical Christians was golfing while his opponent was in church. The campaign is calling out his opponent for not talking to the press in a cemetery while the president has desecrated church property in D.C. for a photo op. The campaign is calling out the former vice president for not talking to the press (he did acknowledge them with a wave) while the incumbent has called journalists names from the podium and ended press briefings by walking out when he couldn’t stand the heat. And a spokesperson couldn’t take the time to fact check what Joe Biden was doing before lighting up Twitter.

There’s not a single cognizant human being in that whole mix in the Trump campaign.

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One Response to No Empathy, Understanding, Fact Checking, Or Christianity Evident Anywhere In The Trump Regimes

  1. Nemo says:

    I love it when unintentional irony drips from a post here! The phrase “cognizant human being” in a pro Joe screed is priceless. Beyond priceless if you read this first. Thanks Ed, you rock!

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