Editor’s Note: This is humor, sarcasm, and snark.

First a few recommendations…select a cream of soup. They tend to stay on target better because their center of gravity is less fluid if you know what I mean. Good ole everyday tomato soup is certainly a solid workhorse in all things as well.

It doesn’t look like there are any soups on sale for labor day but Bush’s Baked Beans are in a number of sizes…but they still might not be as cost efficient as Campbell’s soup.

I know a lot of you lefties are vegan or vegetarian or watching your salt intake and tend toward Progresso soups (and cause the name…well you get it). Again their cans can be problematic to grip and often you can’t throw a decent slider without sufficient wind.

But here are some current prices:

Pick n Save


Now Walmart might be the best deal and the per can price gets very reasonable when you get to the 12 pack size…otoh do you really want to support Walmart? Ya know? and then there’s all that packaging to deal with.

I know you all know how to properly celebrate LABOR DAY! #CalmBiden

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One Response to Public Service Announcement: Soup Prices

  1. Geo says:

    Thank the gods my spouse makes roasted tomato, roasted tomato/roasted pepper bisques so we don’t have to buy this crap.

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