Senator Ron Johnson Promoting Violent Insurrections and Fomenting Domestic Terrorism

Apparently Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson is touting the intervention of “citizen soldiers” to quell rioting and prevent looting. That is a dog whistle to armed militia in the Trump-o-sphere despite being a common term used to refer to the National Guard and the Army Reserve. But given the context of the era and the context of his talking points, we know what he was talking about and who he was talking to.

Particularly when one of his ‘citizen soldiers’ murdered two other American citizens just days before. This is a wholly new low even for Sen. Johnson.

Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, said that “citizen soldiers” should mobilize to “overwhelm rioters” on the streets of America.

As for the fatal shooting of protesters in Kenosha last week, he said in a CNN interview Sunday: “Two people died because citizens took matters into their own hands. I’m not for vigilantism; I’m not sure that’s what was happening.”

emphasis mine

Well he got one thing right, two American citizens died because a self identified militiaman took things into his own hands.

Now the senator’s office tried to walk back part of his statements:

Ben Voelkel, a spokesman for Johnson, told HuffPost that the senator was “of course” referring to the National Guard as “citizen soldiers.”

But when you look at the Senator’s statement, that’s not what he’s saying at all:

Johnson declared that “the way you stop the violence, the way you stop the rioting, is you surge manpower and resources, citizen soldiers, National Guard, and you overwhelm the number of rioters.”

And when you relook at his statement above: “citizen soldiers” should mobilize…he didn’t say the governor should mobilize National Guard units…he didn’t say the president should mobilize National Guard units…he said “citizen soldiers” should mobilize.

Would someone please wake the Senator? He seems to asleep at the wheel.


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