Vaccine Trials: Have Any Of The Trumps Volunteered?

Just askin’. As a growing number of pharmaceutical companies start to ramp up their trials of coronavirus vaccines, they are actively looking for people to volunteer as test cases.

Now I realize that it would be foolhardy for the President of the United States to get involved…and I am sure that the Secret Service would get apoplectic if he considered it.

But what would prevent say, Eric or Donald Jr or Ivanka or Jared from taking one for the team and volunteering to test one of the vaccine candidates…aina?


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1 thought on “Vaccine Trials: Have Any Of The Trumps Volunteered?

  1. Great idea. To quote Winters from ‘Band of Brothers’, “Follow me!”

    Imagine a joint video call where one of the Trump children joins Hunter Biden, and says they are both volunteering for vaccine trials, in the interest of showing leadership and confidence in our research professionals. I can only dream of such a country.

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