WI Elections Officials: It’s OK To Mail Out Absentee Ballots NOW!

Last Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court affirmed that Kanye West and his Birthday Party wouldn’t be allowed on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin. And today they agreed that the Green Party wasn’t eligible either.

So, it is safe for local election officials to resume sending out absentee ballots and they should safely meet state and federal laws around deadlines and such.

The state Elections Commission split 3-3 last month on whether to put Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins on the ballot. The Republican members of the commission backed putting Hawkins on the ballot but the Democratic members opposed doing so because Hawkins’ running mate, Milwaukee native Angela Walker, had listed two addresses on her campaign paperwork.

Hawkins and Walker this month asked the Supreme Court to put them on the ballot. The justices on Thursday issued a 4-3 order telling election officials not to send absentee ballots while it decided whether to take the case.

But in a second 4-3 decision Monday, the court vacated its earlier order and said ballots could be mailed now.



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2 thoughts on “WI Elections Officials: It’s OK To Mail Out Absentee Ballots NOW!

  1. Tens of thousands of Green Party votes disenfranchised to help clear the way for Joe Biden. The National Socialist party of 1934 Germany would be so proud. Pray they don’t come for you next.

    1. I agree, that’s the problem with an activist majority judiciary like Wisconsin’s State Supreme Court.

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