600 Empty Chairs Today Translates to 600 Empty Chairs at Thanksgiving and Forever.

600 empty chairs

Each one represents a person who’s died of COVID-19 in Milwaukee County.

If you have a couple minutes before 4 p.m. today, you can check out the memorial in MacArthur Square right next to the courthouse.

Originally tweeted by Hannah Hilyard WISN (@Hannah_WISN) on October 27, 2020.


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7 thoughts on “600 Empty Chairs Today Translates to 600 Empty Chairs at Thanksgiving and Forever.

    1. I have allowed Nemo’s comment to stand for nearly 24 hours to display his lack of concern and empathy. His total disregard for the 600 grieving families of Milwaukee County residents. This goes beyond his usual snark into vitriol that I can’t abide. But I won’t remove the fact that he commented but will remove the content.

      1. I’ve often felt that a quality comment should be polydimensional, with subtlety and nuance dancing behind a two dimensional construct. The z axis here was an effort to expose this post as an attempt to score cheap political points by transforming tragedy into an empty, hackneyed meme. There were more ideas hidden in deeper dimensions, but I can already hear the creaking in this comment as it dives beyond the “this page intentionally left blank” crush depth.

        1. back in the day, the reply would be: this is utterly pretentious

          btw: you are on moderation.

          signed: the BB aristocracy.

          1. Tragic outcomes for the families (friends) of this pandemic’s victims in a plain reflection of this reality (for not just Milwaukee, but state-wide) can’t be assumed in any fashion or defined, except in the absence of any human empathy, as an “empty hackneyed meme.

            The obvious insult and ridicule intended by the 10/31-8:35 am attack on a plain text BB post followed by this troll scurrying back under its rock, into the protection of self-anointed intellectual superiority, claiming that there were larger ideas, “hidden,” in deeper dimensions to a post (which I didn’t read, nor do I wish to) is just another tactic of trolls, further insulting those being addressed by the post.

            What’s the purpose of hiding “deeper,” dimensions to a shared comment where apparently only the author has the intellect to understand them, other than to further disparage readers at BB or to prop up one’s own ego?

            I haven’t seen any invite for readers here to comment at this troll’s blog.

            1. For what it is worth Ed, you have shown extreme tolerance that I don’t think would be returned in a blog by a particular commentator (if there is such a blog being written) who has repeatedly demonstrated, and unquestionably, that disruption of discussion and discouragement of wider participation of readers at BB are its singular objective.

            2. non,

              1) It would have been better to say, “scurrying back under its bridge” since historically that’s where trolls are purported to live.

              2) The purpose of any literary, rhetorical, or stylistic device is ultimately to encourage the reader to think.

              3) Dehumanizing by referring to a person as “it” while at the same time questioning “its” empathy is delightfully ironic. Made me smile. Well played, sir.

              4) It currently does not have a political blog. It probably should, but it’s currently too busy. That being said, you (and anyone else) could take some of its money by correctly predicting this year’s ice-in on Lake Lucerne.

              and finally 5) My comments exist to encourage discussion. If you look back in the BB archives, you will see far more comments on threads that it has mused on than others. This enumeration (and finally 5) is a response to your second comment. Perhaps it should have commented a second time on that bit of linguistic detritus, but it’s busy and needs to go vote.

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