Current Statewide Mask Mandate To Come Before WI State Supreme Court.

Ironically, just days after Wisconsin set a new record for positive COVID-19 cases AND COVID-19 related deaths AND Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stated we need to do something since what we are doing isn’t working…someone has brought Governor Tony Evers’ latest statewide mask mandate to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will take a case that challenges Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate.

The order first took effect in August, and Evers later extended the rule to run through Nov. 21. Under the mandate, anyone 5 years of age and older has to wear a face covering when they are indoors or in an enclosed space, besides a private residence. Masks are also required when individuals are in a room or other enclosed space with people who are not part of their household.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case brought by Jeré Fabick, a policy adviser for The Heartland Institute. He is also the president of Caterpillar equipment and engine dealer Fabick Cat.

Fabick filed his case directly to the Supreme Court, rather than starting with a lower court. He argued in his petition that the dispute should start with the high court because the order affects the entire state and involves a question of clarity on the scope of the governor’s power.

Normally I’d say, see you in court, but given the circumstances, see you in the ICU might be more apropos…except: As the crush of COVID cases continues, Wisconsin is on track to run short of ICU beds in two to six weeks

Live long and prosper?


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