How Can You Expect Young People To Comply When Their Leaders Violate The Rules

As schools and universities reopened for in person schooling and Wisconsin watched as positive tests spiked and set daily records (new record today at over 2,800 positive cases) and are now seeing the daily death numbers set records as well (a record 21 today)…a lot of blame has fallen on the shoulders of young people. But what can we expect when their adult leaders behave like this?

A Kewaskum youth football coach who attended a recent scrimmage and practice even though he had coronavirus symptoms and had gotten tested has been fired.

The unnamed coach had coronavirus symptoms and showed up at a Kewaskum-Hartford football scrimmage for teams of fifth- through eighth-graders last weekend.

“Responding to this pandemic is easy,” Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann said in a press release on Monday. “Stay home when sick, period. I have not found anyone who agrees with the coach’s decision to attend practice and a scrimmage while waiting for his test results.”

The assistant coach learned in a phone call from the Washington Ozaukee Health Department during the first half of a scrimmage of eighth-grade teams Saturday morning that he had tested positive, according to a statement released Monday night by the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League.

The Kewaskum head coach, who is also the president of the Kewaskum Gridiron Club, relieved the man of his coaching duties and told him to leave, which he did without incident.

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He didn’t have enough sense to stay home when he has symptoms…but was aware enough to get tested. And then when confirmed positive…had to be TOLD to leave? WTF is wrong with Wisconsin. There should be some criminal charges here.

Tuesday night the president gloated about bringing Big 10 football back…sports aren’t worth risking peoples lives.


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