Judge Denies GOP Lawsuit To Overturn Wisconsin Mask Mandate

So now we get to see what the GOP has got…they can call the legislature into session and end the mandate…but we know that they have already stated that they won’t do that until after the November 3rd election. Way to stand up for your ‘principles’ but only when it won’t get noticed enough to impact voting. Think they’ll change their minds this time? Not if they are paying attention to the polls showing a majority of Wisconsinites are in favor of wearing masks.

So in the meantime, wear your masks!

St. Croix County judge R. Michael Waterman on Monday denied the request by plaintiffs represented by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty legal firm — an effort that was backed up in court by Republican lawmakers — and ruled the governor has the power to issue multiple health emergency orders over the same pandemic.

The judge agreed with Evers that he can continually issue public health emergencies, which attorneys for the plaintiffs argued Evers could not do legally. Emergencies are limited to 60 days, but the governor can issue new ones after each emergency expires, Waterman said.

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