Just Plan On The Old Voting Rules For November 3rd: Appeals Court Reverses Course On Absentee Rules

In case you missed it, in a bit of surprising turn of events, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed their earlier ruling allowing extended absentee balloting. It took a bit of finagling to get the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to weigh in…but it’s getting damn close to November 3rd, so just rely on the historical voting laws as you plan on whether to vote via absentee ballot, early voting, or in person voting on November 3rd.

A divided federal appeals court Thursday reinstated a Wisconsin law that allows absentee ballots to be counted only if they are returned by Election Day.

The 2-1 decision reverses a ruling from last month that would have allowed more time for receiving and counting ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic. Under the earlier order, absentee ballots would have been counted for up to a week after Election Day if they were postmarked on or before Election Day. 

The appeals court also put back in place other election rules, including one that limits where poll workers can serve.

Last week, the same appeals judges determined Republican lawmakers didn’t have the authority to pursue their appeal. But they changed their minds about that after the state Supreme Court issued a ruling this week that said they did. 

It is disheartening that all of these shenanigans are occurring so close to the election as we’ve mentioned before. It just adds to the confusion around the election on top of the nonsense about election security coming out of the president’s regime and campaign. Think we’ll see anymore suits or rulings before then? The court suggested not:

The majority in Thursday’s decision contended the Nov. 3 presidential election is too near to change the rules now. It noted federal courts are only willing to change rules close to an election in very limited circumstances.

BTW: Is the president voting absentee this year or flying to FLA to vote in person? I thought the vice president was going to early vote in person before he canceled his events last Friday.


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