NOW Robin Vos Suggests WI Should Do More To Combat COVID-19.

But apparently he’s just another Republican elected without a plan.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is calling for more testing, faster testing and is considering a second state relief package to help Wisconsin navigate the coronavirus pandemic as it overwhelms hospitals and kills dozens each day.

The Rochester Republican’s comments come as he faces a tough re-election fight and days after Vos suggested on Facebook there’s little more state government could do to combat the pandemic beyond following federal health safety guidelines.

First, we need to take politics out of it and work together to fight the virus,” Vos told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an emailed statement on Tuesday. “Obviously, what we’re doing now as a state isn’t working.”

emphasis mine

Take politics out of it…says the man who made this all about politics and has sued the governor over every single effort the governor has made to get this thing under control. So yes, what we are doing now, which is close to nothing, isn’t working. More tests…yes captain obvious…more but FASTER testing is what’s needed. And maybe a little bit more transparency in the Capitol’s legislative offices about who and how many staffers have tested positive? And more co-operation with contact tracing would be really swell.


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  1. And what a coincidence that Robbin’ had this revelation on a day where the MU Law Poll says the State Legislature has a 36% approval rating!

    It’s insulting how dumb Vos thinks Wisconsin voters are. No Robbin’, this one statement doesn’t make it “all good.”

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