Sen. Scott Fitzgerald And The Dumbest Thing That I’ve Read This Week.

As I’ve written any number of times over the past few weeks, the Republican majority in the Wisconsin legislature has repeatedly complained about the various attempts by Governor Evers to protect Wisconsinites from COVID-19…they’ve actively gone to court to sue. And I have asked any number of times what their intentions are…and they’ve never put forth any type of plan or intervention.

And as we know Wisconsin has moved to the top of the list for pandemic surges and in recent weeks has set records for number of positive cases and number of COVID-19 related deaths. I have documented that on these pages as well.

So what is the dumbest thing I’ve read this week (and it’s only Tuesday and the president has his Twitter account back)? [the link is behind a paywall which is ridiculous for COVID-19 releated news…but..shrug.]

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau said Monday that his Republican caucus was waiting to see if the court case against the mask requirement goes their way before coming up with a plan to fight COVID-19.

emphasis mine

Now the GOP does not believe in the efficacy of masks…so why would a court ruling on mask use even come up in their discussion about ways to fight the virus? And why would this court ruling, their way or not, have any bearing on coming up with a plan? Other than they haven’t a clue. And?

Fitzgerald, who is running for Congress, said he may be willing to close bars, but other Republicans would likely resist such an effort.

Fitzgerald didn’t have a set of proposals he wants to put in place.

“I’m not going to try to rattle a list off. To be quite honest I don’t know what those things would be because that’s what you would negotiate,” Fitzgerald said when asked what plan he would put in place if a judge sides with Republicans on the mask rule.

Nine months into the pandemic, suing over the governor’s mask mandate, suing (and winning) over the governor’s stay at home orders…and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is all, “To be quite honest I don’t know…”. And in order to negotiate, don’t YOU have to have your own starting point? As we’ve seen, just saying ‘no’ is an easy position to take but hasn’t saved any lives.

So if they win their mask mandate case, what will Sen. Fitzgerald do? Well ask the governor for help!

Asked what he would do to address the surge of cases if he wins the lawsuit over masks, Fitzgerald said, “We’ll be back in the governor’s office the next day asking to sit down at the table and figure out a rule-making process and something we can all work on together to eradicate this”

But he couldn’t provide any rules he wanted, saying it was up to the governor to take the first step by proposing something that lawmakers can react to.

So everything the governor has done to combat COVID-19 is wrong, but when asked what should be done…the senator’s response? I got nothin’.

And he wants to go to Washington? eeeee…YIKES!

Parting thought:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester did not respond to phone calls in recent days and did not answer emailed questions…

And he should be sent back to Madison??


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