Sunday Afternoon Musing: Continuing On That Foxconn Theme:

Sometimes this stuff gets a little confusing and convoluted…but the elected officials in Wisconsin do know who they are dealing with? right? I mean Foxconn is a well know Taiwanese electronics manufacturer right? Then why did someone say something, well, like this?

At some point, special rocks were flown in from Japan and are now part of a Japanese garden outside the building.

“This is very traditional in their culture,” Lois (Claude Lois, project manager for the village of Mount Pleasant) said at the July village board meeting. “This is a big ceremony that they’ll do eventually at this site once they take full occupancy. At some point in time, I would assume yet this year, they’ll have a ceremony with this garden.”

Taiwanese culture would be related to Chinese culture…not Japanese culture…or do all? You know what I mean.


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1 thought on “Sunday Afternoon Musing: Continuing On That Foxconn Theme:

  1. Exactly how much did Wisconsin taxpayers pay to fly in rocks from Japan? Couldn’t they have used the brains of our republican legislators for a big savings?

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