Wisconsin Has Had 1,574 People Die From COVID-19 Related Illness.

out of a population of 5.8 million residents. The nation of New Zealand has just under 4.9 million residents…and 25 COVID-19 related deaths.

I wonder what the difference is?

Impeached President Donald Trump
Unindicted Co-conspirator Robin Vos
Suspect For Involuntary Manslaughter Scott Fitzgerald

Any ideas?


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7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Has Had 1,574 People Die From COVID-19 Related Illness.

  1. Is that Governor Evers under the mask? Or is that or Secret Governor Maggie Gau? And where’s Chinese President Xi Jinping?

    Good thing we didn’t have some creepy, corrupt, cognitively challenged type in the white house that wanted to keep the travel going between hot spots in China and here back in late January. That 1,574 number would be closer to 5 figures!

    1. Yet the US was impacted with more cases of COVID-19 due to travel from Europe, as evidenced by the early spike in cases in NYC. Yet the republican administration did little to curb this vector.

      1. and ironically, because of the president’s inactions, Americans aren’t welcome in Europe at the moment.

    2. Nemo, I thought you were better than parroting Trump talking points.

      This pandemic has been mishandled by the Trump administration, and the fact that we’re now seeing a resurgence in cases/deaths just underscores how indifferent Republicans have been to this crisis.

      1. Parroting talking points? No.

        I just write my comments in a free-form style. I’ll take an inch, but I’d love a mile. There never seems to be quite enough, floating around to fill my didactic cup.

        I’ll never parrot or plagiarize anyone, except maybe The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

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