Scott Walker Is Running in 2022!

For what, I am not sure yet. But why do I suspect that? Well, I have liked his politician Facebook page since way back in the day simply because it was necessary to follow him in order to write about him here.

And although he’s been quite active on Facebook (and it seems his activity has increased recently), his posts have started popping up on my timeline again and the timeline of other liberal and Democratic friends after having been absent since he lost to Governor Tony Evers.

So, I am not sure exactly where Mr. Walker lives now but I would think he’s looking at a statewide election as opposed to a House seat or a state legislative seat. That suggests two things.

A run to regain the governor’s office from Tony Evers…not that far fetched given the swing in state elections…and a divisional dissatisfaction with Governor Evers’ handling of the pandemic.

Or he knows something that we don’t know: that Senator Ron Johnson isn’t running for re-election to the US Senate. Just what we need, a Scott Walker to add to the nattering nabobs of Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Lindsey Graham…sheesh.

Any conjectures out there?


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12 thoughts on “Scott Walker Is Running in 2022!

  1. WisDems gotta find 50,000 new voters before November 2022 no matter which republican is running for governor or senator.

  2. Walker will remain President of Young Americans for Freedom. Anyone thinks otherwise is an idiot.

    1. Correct Mindy. Lot more money in wingnut welfare, and a lot less responsibility and accountability.

      Plus, Walker nuked any future as an elected official by signing the Lame Duck Laws. There are a whole lot of us that would love one more time to smack that grifter around.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t think Evers beats Walker in a rematch. Do you think he can Jake? Mindy and Jake I think you miss how much Scooter misses being in the news so he will run for office in my opinion. Jake I also find it interesting that you think the lame duck laws are a deal breaker. They’ll all get in line and vote for him again

    1. I don’t see Evers beating Walker in a rematch. His handling of the COVID-19 angered more than a few people. Actually, in 2022 I would like to see a stronger Democratic candidate than Evers no matter the Republican opponent.

      1. Nah. Walker is done being in office at the state level. He’ll try to grift a run for President in 2024 between wongnut welfare gigs. And there is no better person to unite Wisconsin Dems in 2022 than Scott Walker.

        Now, Evers will have a battle in 2022, given how I think that GOPs in DC will try to tie Biden’s hands and limit the economy. Which is why Evers needs to be HAMMERING the do-nothing Legislature harder than he has been.

        1. We need to be careful to make a distinction between state voters leaning toward traditional democratic principles of social justice and labor rights, and the actual DPW as an organization which is simply an enabler to the new corporatist DNC when referring to Wisconsin Dems, but I do agree with your assessment.

          Have any of your asked a question of the DPW staff or emailed a suggestion and actually got a response? Never here.

          Here’s an idea that needs a bit of promotion with the sell-out WI US House delegation and the ‘squad,’ which will give state voters an better understanding of the answer to the question about shifting to a third party and abandoning completely the DPW and the DNC. This asks the DNC and especially the ‘Progressive Caucus,’ to make up their minds.

          Let’s start with the widely supported non-partisan issue of M4A as a test issue with people like Pocan. Let’s get a feel for what to expect from them with an early litmus test, especially in the midst of this pandemic.

      1. Perfect observation Geo, but for the sake of expanding the discussion, I’m going to rephrase your take a little bit to ask how many good and truly blue potential candidates have refused to run as Democrats in the last 3 decades or more?

        My county’s Dem party executive officers have published their recommended slate of officers that local Dems should vote for at their next monthly meeting. I wonder if a non-Dem qualifies or would be accepted to serve if elected to their executive committee officer ranks. I don’t hold an official Dem member ID card. How big is their tent?

  4. Who would that candidate be? People I really thought would be good like Vinehout and Wachs don’t seem to be able to ever gain any traction.

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