Ted Cruz Is Running For President In 2024 And Intends To Inherit The Trump Base

Even given the feckless grovelling of Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Ted Cruz has become the most egregious sycophant in the Trump biosphere. This has got to be one of the biggest disappointments for the future of the Republican party as one of their staunchest supporters of conservative values has sold out the party to the Trumpers.

But it just displays in large letters that Sen. Cruz is willing to forgo professed values for power.

So, yes he took up the mantle of voter suppression by reinforcing the president’s lies about mail-in and absentee ballots. And oh my goodness has he doubled and tripled down on the president’s lies around voter fraud. He’s all over the media, publishing almost as many tweets as the president, and telling everyone that Trump won.

And of course those dastardly techies and social media sites are all out to suppress free speech and particularly conservative free speech despite the fact that he’s one the most frequent conservative voices showing up in the Blogging Blue twitter feed. This too is one of the president’s favorite side whines and grievances.

He’s just stone cold tone deaf to what he looks like and sounds like in public…why? Because it plays to the Trump base. So this is a predictable and determined effort to win over that base to Team Cruz…probably made earlier this year when it appeared that President Trump would be re-elected…but still a viable scheme despite noises around a Trump 2024 movement have already begun.

So is Senator Ted Cruz running for president in 2024? Damn straight and he expects to build his campaign on the Trump base.

P.S. The Blogging Blue Twitter feed just coughed up a reprise of a Ted Cruz presser when he re-iterated that the coronavirus would remarkably disappear on November 4th. A favorite meme of the president…meanwhile, today November 23, 2020, hospitals in Texas have refrigerated trucks in their lots to store COVID-19 victims and called in the National Guard to maintain them.


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