Three Weeks After The Election And COVID-19 Hasn’t Gone Away

Part of President Trump’s pre-election hyperbole was the story that the media and the Democrats were making an issue out of COVID-19 to make him look bad…and that it would go away on November 4th.

Well, just flipping through my Friday November 27, 2020 print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 50% of the editorial content in the news section is about COVID-19 in one form or another: total cases and deaths in Wisconsin (a daily column now), setting up a COVID-19 ward in the Milwaukee County House of Correction, nursing home deaths, comments from a front line nurse on the pressures on hospitals, progress on vaccines, reporter getting selected as a vaccine test subject, etc.

It hasn’t gone away and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. A President Biden won’t be able to turn it around soon enough either and I imagine that he will get push back and lawsuits galore…just like here in Wisconsin.

btw: it has been reported that EIGHT US Senators are currently coronavirus positive…ALL of them Republicans. Just sayin’


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