Trump Prepared To Offer Wisconsin $3+ Million In Stimulus Money

And the GOP controlled Wisconsin legislature won’t turn it down because it is not taxpayer money…instead it will be purloined from their Republican base.

For the past week or so, the Trump campaign has been threatening to demand a recount of votes in the November 3rd Wisconsin presidential race. An election that former Vice President Biden won by over 20,000 votes…a similar margin as President Trump’s win in 2016.

And in 2016, Green Party candidate Jill Stein requested a recount in Wisconsin, and it set her campaign back $3.5 million…so a similar recount today would probably cost at least that much. And after 2016, former Governor Walker and his GOP cronies passed a law that requires that money up front.

So the Trump campaign is collecting funds to pay for the recount. You know, the guy who is so rich he could fund his own campaign. But there’s a catch. Half of the collected funds go into the recount kitty and half into his campaign fund…which is in debt.

So the whole thing stinks of fraud and hoax…and just a way to skin his base to pay for his campaign debt. For, you know, the guy who is so rich he could fund his own campaign.

And what happens to the money if he doesn’t actually request the recount?

But if he does and forks over the millions…look at it as a stimulus package…as the money will go directly into the pockets of election officials who will be getting extra work, to property owners who will rent office space dedicated to the recount, and to local governments to offset additional expenses that would otherwise fall to tax payers to cover. (and maybe a few bucks to Ian’s Pizza?) A real job creating project!


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  1. I’m surprised that vos hasn’t tried to change the law, give trump a freebie and stick us with the bill. But; there still is time robin, show us your true colors uou butt-head.

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