What Is 7,497? Today’s WI Record Number of Positive COVID-19 Test Results

Wisconsin reports record 7,497 new coronavirus cases and 58 deaths as the seven-day case average passes 6,000.

As Wisconsin reported yet another record-shattering day of COVID-19 cases Thursday, only 8% of intensive care unit beds remained available and health officials urged people to avoid even small gatherings heading into the holiday season.

The state Department of Health Services on Thursday reported a record 7,497 new cases and 58 deaths, bringing the death toll to 2,515.

The average positivity rate also hit a new high of 36.4% Thursday. The measure looks at first-time positive tests over the last seven days.

The average daily death toll over the last seven days was 46; two months ago, it was six.

Meanwhile the Republicans (primarily Assembly Speaker Robin Vos), who have done nothing since April, suggest that the governor needs to come up with some ideas on how to stop it! LOL!


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16 thoughts on “What Is 7,497? Today’s WI Record Number of Positive COVID-19 Test Results

  1. There was a time when it was understood that there is really nothing you or anyone else can do to end an ILI pandemic. It’ll end in time, just like all the ones before it. Then the calendar flipped to 2020 and that little tidbit of sense was lost. I’d like it noted that this kinder, gentler, and on probation Nemo did not mention Governor Evers 3+ month mask mandate and its near total lack of efficacy.

      1. Every RCT (10 of which can be found here!) would beg to differ. What part of “None of the studies reported a significant reduction in laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group” don’t you understand?

        Two other questions, Ed. Are you really leaving BB this month? And, since far more kids died from last years flu than the rona, I have won our bet (kids live and I get to post, it’s a win/win!). Do I send my post for BB to you or are you just going to lend me the keys to put up a post myself?

          1. Sorry to hear that Ed.

            Being willing to state that I am wrong at some times when commenting, unlike some internet trolls, you’ve through your efforts changed my opinions about your political efforts and participation here. taking the reins as you did. You’ve caused me to re-examine me, so thanks for that.

        1. COVID-19 is not a form of influenza, you’re comparing apples to oranges, or should I say orangeheaded to aware.

          1. Geo, the definition of an influenza-like illness (ILI) case is an acute respiratory infection with a measured fever of ≥ 38 C° and cough with onset within the last 10 days. The flu and the ‘rona are both viruses, both apples in this case.

            Did you see the latest from renowned pathologist and expert in virology Dr. Roger Hodkinson? Here’s a quote,”Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling”.

    1. Ignore once again the ability of and the efficacy of the medical practices and restrictions instituted in Mainland China since approximately the beginning of this year that have resulted in a country with a population of 1.2B from suffering fewer than 5K deaths (CNN World Covid-19 Tracker).

      Enough of the delusional fantasy and denial about the absolute fictional “…time when it was understood…” and assign actual responsibility for the failure of our economic capitalist system to be ready for the current and predicted (prior to Covid-19) economic disaster and public health crisis.

      1. I’m not sure what makes it laugh harder. Your faith in numbers coming out of China or the irony of your anti-capitalist screed posted within a week of the “economic capitalist system”‘s announcement of a ‘rona vaccine that’s 94% effective.

        1. Thanks again for sacrificing any credibility about or coming from yourself in these comments and being the “useful idiot,” to demonstrate the opposite of whatever it is that you to purport to attempt to prove or influence here. What would we do without you. Everybody is good at something. We all have some intrinsic value.

          1. Non, always a pleasure to hear from you, but I think you misunderstand my comments here. A great danger on the interweb as a whole is the support of conformational bias. When posting on a thread I look to the replies to see if I’ve missed something. It’s called seeking truth. You should try it sometime.

            1. Actually, I don’t feel privileged at all for being the recipient of worthless advice from anyone pretending to know whether or not I had “faith,” in one report coming from CNN about data reported by them, ranking Chinese Covid-19 related deaths in relation to this data from other countries.

              Of course an unsupported or unconfirmed bias insinuating that any public health data that originated from China is immediately suspect is a wonderful example of seeking the truth and overcoming confirmation bias.

              It is absolutely no surprise that you claim you are being misunderstood, yet another preposterous, self-defensive, but undeniably abusive psychological projection.

  2. Today produced a terrible symmetry: With another daily record of 7,777 new coronavirus cases, Wisconsin has surpassed 300,000 total cases — just 18 days after reaching 200,000

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