COVID-19: Lessons Learned: Employer Provided Health Insurance Isn’t A Viable Model.

Most of my life I have had employer provided health insurance except for the period when I was self-employed and bought my own on the open market. But that was over 40 years ago and it was actually rather affordable.

But as we watched the pandemic ravage our country and had any number of lock downs and closures and business cut backs…we have also watched our unemployment numbers explode. And whatever sources you come across, the quotes are anywhere from 10 to 14 million Americans lost their health insurance when they lost their jobs. Some were able to secure insurance via the Affordable Care Act but most were not…simply because unemployment meant insufficient income to buy insurance.

And even if these Americans didn’t catch COVID-19 in the middle of the pandemic, many of them certainly would have had other health issues that needed attention…and as we all know, the lack of insurance either results in crushing personal debt or catastrophic health issues if proper care is avoided.

I have long held that universal single payer health insurance for every resident of the United States should be the law of the land…and this pandemic is a forceful and obvious proof that it is needed…and that employer provided insurance has expired as a model for health care delivery. You know, just like in every civilized nation in the world.


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2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Lessons Learned: Employer Provided Health Insurance Isn’t A Viable Model.

  1. Yes, Medicare-for-All, from first breath at birth to last gasp at death– Bernie Sanders had it right.

    One would think that employers would eagerly get rid their healthcare insurance costs so they could concentrate on their business.

    Socialism? Yes, just like our socialist highway system, local roads and sidewalks, airports, our socialist provided armed forces, police, fire, EMT responders….

    How to pay for it? Reform the tax system by taxing those who don’t pay their share. By the way, those earning less than $70K a year will see increasing federal income tax each year for the next several years– all part of Trump’s 2017 tax reduction for the wealthy.

    While we are at it– start making churches pay their share. The religion business is exempt from even reporting their income on the IRS990 form that other non-profits are required to submit.

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