Daughter of Republican State Rep. Barbara Dittrich Arrested, Charged With

Well this is awkward….

Sophie Dittrich, the daughter of Republican State Representative Barbara Dittrich, was arrested on Sunday, December 27 and has been charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors after being found in possession of a significant quantity of illegal drugs, a stolen firearm, and drug paraphernalia.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the complaint says he “could immediately smell an odor of marijuana coming from inside.” The officer asked Dittrich about the incident that happened earlier — and she “initially denied any conflict or incident between her and anyone else.” Dittrich later indicated she knew the female passenger in the vehicle — and that they “had not gotten along for at least eight years.” The complaint says Dittrich told the officer “she made a gun with her fingers as she passed by their car.” She indicated “she did not do anything wrong and that the officer would have no right to search the car.”

A short time later, the officer conducted a search of Dittrich’s vehicle and found items including the following:

  • Clear plastic marijuana grinder
  • Small rubber dish with suspected THC wax
  • Black digital scale
  • Vape cartridge bearing a leaf logo believed to be a THC cartridge
  • Backpack containing a large vacuum-sealable bag that was approximately half full of suspected marijuana
  • Large candy-type glass jar completely full of suspected marijuana
  • Glass jar which contained two clear plastic bags with suspected Psilocybin (mushrooms)
  • Large bundle of THC vape cartridges

The officer continued to search the vehicle for the firearm. The complaint said he noted “there were several pry marks” and that a “compartment was missing a pin that holds the panel in place.” When the officer reached under the center console of the vehicle, he “felt what appeared to be a firearm.” He removed the firearm — a Ruger 22 caliber semi-automatic handgun. When the officer ran the serial number for the firearm, the complaint said “it came back stolen from Glendale.”


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