Kamala Harris Supports Graham and Rubio Vaccinations

Although many on the left (including myself) question why naysayers, anti-maskers, and virus hoaxers electeds in the Republican Party got vaccines ahead of front line medical personnel…Vice-president-elect Kamala Harris wants a word.

Amid growing anger as some Republicans who have spent the pandemic downplaying COVID-19 become some of the first to receive the vaccine, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris appeared on The ReidOut where she said she supports it. Over the weekend, Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham, who have parroted President Trump’s rhetoric on COVID throughout, garnered massive backlash after they posted pictures on social media of themselves receiving the vaccine. But Harris believes that leaders of both parties getting the vaccine could help urge people to do the same, as many Americans are still skeptical of the vaccine.

When asked about it by host Joy Reid, Harris answered, “Honestly, Joy, I want that everyone gets it. We could talk about where they’ve been on the issue, but I hope and I believe that anybody who’s in a position of leadership right now should be urging all Americans, again, regardless of their party affiliation, should be encouraging them that when it is their time, they should get this vaccine.” Harris added, “The reality is that it is literally about saving lives. It is literally about saving life.”

I do get it. Overcoming the hesitancy of many of us in America is a good thing. Proving that the vaccines are safe and effective is a good thing. But it still smells of deep hypocrisy to me.


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