Publisher Changes Coming To Blogging Blue

As I posted earlier this year when I celebrated my 10th Anniversary with Blogging Blue, I announced that I was retiring at the end of the year. This was certainly the right opportunity at the right time. Zach offered me an outlet to write about politics just when I was primed to do exactly that. I have been interested in politics off and on for a long time and had time to actually get involved then.

And taking the reins as publisher when I did was perfect too. I wanted an outlet to continue writing as I moved into real retirement (I left the corporate world in June 2018). And this was exactly the right venue.

But this takes a toll and this past year has been particularly hard. I wanted to do the best work I could and keep up a professional pace but it just wore me out.

And I have other ventures that I want to devote more time to. My arts blog which has been suffering from neglect since I started it in March…and I have set up my easels and laid in art supplies and new guitar amps with headphones in my studio space so I can practice and work without disturbing anyone. I have been looking forward to getting back to the arts as I planned my retirement.

I already sense that I will miss this. But it still feels like the right time to step aside and let Zach take charge again. I imagine he’s got some new ideas on move Blogging Blue forward as we enter the Biden era in Washington and a post-pandemic world in general.

So, I will be retiring from Blogging Blue effective end of day, December 31, 2020. And I leave you with this one last imperative: Be nice to Zach!


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4 thoughts on “Publisher Changes Coming To Blogging Blue

  1. Congratulations and thank you for a great run. I will miss your insight and thoughtful observations.

  2. Many thank-yous for the many thouhtful and well-written commentaries over the years. Recently I have forwarded some to “Trumpsters” on my list– some responded with off-the-subject replies, but never a rebuttal.

    Enjoy your new venture.

  3. While I’ve disagreed with one or two of your posts, I’ve always apprehended your efforts here. Thanks for everything (‘cept for that double secret probation thingy). Now that your time is drawing near, will your retirement be similar to a line worker, we’ll never here from you again, or that of a retired judge with senior status, posting occasionally when the mood hits you?

    1. My initial feeling is that I am retiring from not only BB but politics. That may change once I unwind but that’s the where I am currently heading.

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