Rep Ron Tusler Is Dazed And Confused And Stonewalling About Biden Win In Wisconsin

This keeps getting more interesting as we watch the elected Republicans fight over the dunce’s hat and trend on sinking to the bottom. Right now state Rep. Ron Tusler is giving US Senator Ron Johnson a run for his money as the dumbest Wisconsin elected Republican.

Rep. Tusler is holding hearings on the November 3rd election results and is doubtful that President-elect Joe Biden won Wisconsin.

The chairman of the Assembly’s elections committee says he is unsure who won Wisconsin’s presidential election and might support having the GOP-controlled Legislature try to flip Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes from Joe Biden to Donald Trump.

Republican Rep. Ron Tusler of Harrison, the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, also said he would not vote early in person in the spring election, as he did in November, because he no longer believes the procedure is being conducted legally by officials around the state.

Tusler’s committee plans to host a wide-ranging hearing Friday alongside a Senate committee to look into the Nov. 3 election, which Biden won by about 21,000 votes, a margin of 0.6 percentage points.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tusler wouldn’t say whether he agreed with election officials who found Biden won Wisconsin.

“Ask me after the hearing,” he said. “I think we’re going to get some new information at that hearing.”

Asked if he wanted to have Republicans who control the Legislature change how the state’s electoral votes will be cast, he said “I’m undecided on that right now.”

by the way, here is a preliminary witless (sic) list for Rep. Tusler’s hearing.

From my source of this list, there are no women, no Democrats, or local election officials scheduled to testify…and probably no people of color. So we have a grandstanding political waste of time here…on the taxpayers dime…again.

BTW: if the election was rigged, was he legally elected in November…asking for a few million friends.


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2 thoughts on “Rep Ron Tusler Is Dazed And Confused And Stonewalling About Biden Win In Wisconsin

  1. Here’s what I have of the witnesses, I’m assuming the Scott McDonald is in fact the Dane County Clerk.

    Dan O’Donnell – Conservative WISN radio talk show host

    Tom Sylke – Conservative lawyer, lecturer, and board member to Grainger

    Ken Dragotta – Waukesha County Businessman and spoke at a meeting of the “Rock River Patriots”

    Dean Knudson – Former state republican representative, current member of the State Elections

    Michael Gableman _ former (unqualified) partisan State Supreme Court Justice, 1 term.

    Erick Kaardal _ Special Counsel Thomas Moore Society

    Bob Spindell – Partisan republican on the State Election Commission

    Nathan Pease – Postal Service sub-contractor,registered agent for Savage Armed (2nd Amendment)

    Scott McDonald – DANE County Clerk

    Michael Dean – Waukesha County Attorney, renown trump supporter.

    Rick Baas – Communications for Milwaukee County Republicans.

    Concerned Wisconsin Residents – Clueless morons who think trump won the election?

  2. Geo–

    Thank you for the comprehensive backgound information about the “witneses”. I was about to do a little research about these Trump-cult members– so you saved me time.

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