So, While Wisconsin Is Getting Shorted on Vaccines, THIS Happened:

and question, where did they get this done? Apparently not in the Senate. So were they in Washington? Or were they home? And why weren’t they in the Senate working on the COVID-19 relief bill or the continuation package?


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4 thoughts on “So, While Wisconsin Is Getting Shorted on Vaccines, THIS Happened:

    1. well…there are two things. You post mentions not only Speaker Pelosi but Majority Leader McConnell who are in the prime age group to are most likely to suffer the most severe consequences if they catch COVID-19. Now, Sen. Graham at 65 is on the cusp so maybe he can be forgiven? But Sen. Rubio is a robust 49 and if we believe all of the talk coming out of the WH is at low risk.

      But you missed my second point. It appears that Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConnell received their vaccinations while in the Capitol. It appears that Sens Rubio and Graham were elsewhere when we have two major bills under consideration right now!

      And then there’s the whole general Republican trope about the disease being a hoax or like the flu or whatever…yet these individuals are out front.

      1. Not sure if your first point is very sharp given that AOC (age 31) also got the vaccine.

        As to your second point, Graham’s and Rubio’s physical presence is unlikely to have any luck moving Speaker Pelosi’s intransigence. As it turned out though, either a rebellion in her thinning (but vaccinated!) majority or the negotiating skills of a dullard has the Speaker settling on about two thirds of what she was offered at the end of August.

    2. and of course there is still the issue of Wisconsin being promised a certain number of doses, then getting it changed to fewer doses, and then getting even fewer doses than the second amount promised…while Pfizer says they have the vaccines on hand but are waiting for the federal government to direct where to ship them.

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