‘Tis The Season To Be: Circulating Nomination Papers For The Spring Elections

Oh man, even in normal times circulating petitions in December for the spring elections can be a cold and dreary and thankless task. (which is why I still support moving these elections to fall)

But in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic it becomes an even harder and more daunting task.

Do I or do I not knock on doors? That’s a difficult question. Even in the best of times, people don’t answer their doors on December evenings once it gets dark and never ever ever during a Packers game.

Where can I be outside to gather signatures safely? In that past that would include outside of libraries on week nights but many of them are closed. Outside of bakeries on Sunday mornings…may still work in 2020. Outside of the post office on Saturday mornings while your neighbors bring gifts to mail or buy holiday stamps. (remember to open doors for them if they have their hands full). But be careful about blocking the door or being too forceful or they will complain and the local postmaster will run you off.

How can I leverage my social media presence to pull in signatures? Is a copy of your papers online in a downloadable format? Make sure your social media publishes that. Make sure your email list is aware of it. Make it easy for people to download them, complete them, circulate them, and get them back to you ON TIME!

The offices on the ballot for the April elections are going to be non-partisan local elections…mayor, city council, county circuit courts, stuff like that.

So these are important local races that can have a serious impact on you, your family, your neighbors, and the way you live. They are just as important to you as the November 3rd elections were.

So for you voters, support your local preferred candidates. Download their papers, circulate them to your immediate household or those in your bubble. And then get them back to the candidate on time. Even if it’s just you and your spouse, go for it! Your local municipality’s website should have the info on what offices are up for election.

And vote in the spring elections. In Wisconsin the spring primary is February 16th, 2021 and the spring general election is April 6th, 2021.

I was lucky when I ran for Milwaukee School Board in 2011…December was fairly temperate and I didn’t totally freeze while collecting signatures.


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