WI Supreme Court Tosses Trump Election Suit and 10 Electoral Votes Go To Biden

So at noon today, the Democratic electors in Wisconsin cast their Electoral College ballots for President-elect Joe Biden. Today should really put an end to the sedition of President Trump and the Republican suck ups who have sided with him on the bogus charges of voter fraud. The article on the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling is here.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld Democrat Joe Biden’s Wisconsin win Monday, handing President Donald Trump a defeat less than an hour before the Electoral College was to meet.

The 4-3 ruling was the latest in a string of dozens of losses for the president across the country as Republicans pursue last-gasp efforts to give Trump a second term.

In the majority, conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined the court’s three liberals to confirm Biden’s win. They found one of Trump’s arguments was without merit and the others were brought far too late.

The three other conservatives on the court dissented, writing they believed clerks violated the law with some election practices.

If the court believes that election clerks violated the law, that’s an issue for the legislature and the Wisconsin Election Commission. The clerks were simply following the instructions and guidance that they received from the state…some of those practices go back a decade.

So I do expect that the Republican controlled Wisconsin Legislature will ‘fine tune’ election rules and procedures sometime in the coming year…certainly ahead of the 2022 federal elections.

and again, H/T to Justice Brian Hagedorn who actually votes for the rule of law.


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