Wisconsin Supreme Court Tossed Trump Election Lawsuit, why?

Today the Wisconsin Supreme Court tossed out the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit over the Wisconsin presidential election on a count of 4 – 3. I am surprised that was that close given the reason…as I said on Monday, what I had hoped they would do, they tossed it out because they aren’t the first court of record in a case like this. They need to file in a circuit court. So they are going circuit court shopping…to Milwaukee and/or Dane counties.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a request Thursday by President Donald Trump to revoke the certification of his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

The 4-3 decision left room for Trump to bring a new challenge to the election results, but even some of the dissenting justices signaled they did not support Trump’s call for throwing out hundreds of thousands of ballots.

The justices in the majority said they would not accept the case he filed directly with them because state law requires challenges to election recounts, like the president’s lawsuit, must be filed first in circuit court.

Trump attorney Jim Troupis said he would immediately file new lawsuits in Dane and Milwaukee counties, but Thursday’s ruling is a setback that shows he may be nearing the end of the road with his legal challenges in Wisconsin.

It really is time for the Trump campaign to accept defeat…at least in Wisconsin. There really is nothing to see here.


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