YOU Are Being Sued By Texas, So You Better Lawyer UP!

The Attorney General of the State Of Texas is suing the State of Wisconsin in the US Supreme Court to get the November 3rd presidential election overturned. He is also suing Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia over rigged elections. Ok Ed, so there’s still one crazy loon in an AG post down in Texas…well not exactly, he’s got seventeen friends.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit Tuesday in the Supreme Court against Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, alleging that the states’ election results should be invalidated because of fraud and irregularities that occurred as a result of the states expanding their voting rules amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

he lawsuit, which is based on voter fraud allegations that lower courts have repeatedly rejected, has been widely derided by legal experts, who have deemed it “laughable,” “utter garbage” and, in the words of University of Washington law professor Lisa Marshall Manheim, “legally incoherent, factually untethered and based on theories of remedy that fundamentally misunderstand the electoral process.”

Trump and his GOP allies have touted the lawsuit as their key to their post-election legal strategy, however, with the president saying the lawsuit is “the case that everyone has been waiting for” and House GOP lawmakers reportedly preparing their own amicus brief in support of Texas’ efforts.

Republican state attorneys general said in their amicus brief that the case “raises constitutional questions of great public importance that warrant this Court’s review” and the Supreme Court should grant Texas’ motion for leave to file a leave of complaint, alleging that the battleground states’ supposed infractions “undermined the liberty of all Americans.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt led the brief, which was also joined by Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia, and Arizona filed a separate, more limited amicus brief “respecting” Texas’ complaint.

And never fear, the president wants in:

Trump filed a motion to intervene in the case Wednesday, which asks the Supreme Court to let the president join the case and declare that Biden’s electoral votes in the four battleground states “are in violation of the Electors Clause and cannot be counted.”

Just thinking that maybe Mr. Ken Paxton is looking for a pardon before the president leaves office.

Texas really really needs to keep its nose out of Wisconsin’s business.


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3 thoughts on “YOU Are Being Sued By Texas, So You Better Lawyer UP!

  1. Man, it looks like the Republicans are throwing the whole buffet agi’n the wall just hoping something will stick. It won’t.

      1. You certainly asked the proper question Ed.

        I’m looking for where I read that 113 GOP US Congresspeople signed a letter sent to SCOTUS to overturn the US elections, but we can’t get 5 so-called Progressive Caucus (PC) Democrats to even attempt to call out Pelosi and pressure her to bring Med4All for a floor vote.

        Retiring PC co-chair Pocan is called out again, and so is AOC on the two latest video clips from a nationally known Youtube show hosted by a stand up comic.

        Great to see some more people commenting the last few days, but NOT focusing on the failures of any Progressive policy coming down the road from the US Congressional Democrats is again guaranteeing complete and continuing destruction of “democratic,” legislative majorities anywhere in the country by 2022.

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