You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

It has become common knowledge that President-elect Joe Biden attends Saturday evening services at his home parish in Delaware (there have already been articles contemplating where he’ll attend services in DC…because it will wreak some havoc with the parishioners as the Secret Service insures his safety). And on several occasions he has visited the cemetery. But this last time he was mocked for it. WTF?

Some of President Donald Trump‘s most ardent supporters reacted to the Biden family visiting the graves of deceased relatives Friday by accusing the president-elect of “looking for votes” in a cemetery.

President-elect Joe Biden and future first lady Jill Biden on Friday marked the 48th anniversary of a 1972 car accident that killed his first wife and infant daughter Naomi. They visited their graves at the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware. But Trump supporters clinging on to desperate hopes the president can overturn the November election ridiculed the somber cemetery visit as a “photo op.” This prompted some publications to delete comment sections altogether. Other staunch Trump backers questioned “where is Hunter Biden?” as the president-elect visited the nearby grave of his late son, Beau, who survived the deadly car crash but died of cancer in 2015.

shaking my head.


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