Kook Of The Year!

Years ago I used to write an occasional Blogging Blue post, (misnamed because it wasn’t actually monthly) titled ” Kook of the Month!” It was pretty easy pickins’ at the time. The 2010 Tea Party wave swept into the state legislature an uber-conservative pack of overheated, rhetoric-spewing blowhards eager to out-moron each other. It was a bumper crop of kooks. I thought then it couldn’t get any weirder. What do I know?

2020 did not just produce a really, really, really robust bumper crop of individuals displaying a tenuous grip on reality, it produced an invasive species weed run amuck until it overtook the national political discourse garden. Kooks abound. But a few really stand out, and from those few we can readily determine that special person deserving of Blogging Blue’s ” Kook Of The Year!” award.

My top three picks are former New York Mayor and Trump sideman Rudy ( I’m melting!) Giuliani, unhinged Georgia attorney Lin Wood, and free lance whack-a-doodle Sydney” release the Kraken!” Powell. Each of them played a significant role in advancing Trump’s election fraud lies.

Giuliani distinguished himself through his willingness to appear at various hearings with so-called ” witnesses” that no self respecting lawyer would ever bring to testify at anything. Sydney Powell’s ever expanding list of villains allegedly involved in stealing the 2020 election included both George Soros and Hugo Chavez, as well as China. Impressive stuff, to be sure.

But for sheer, way over the top ” I-can’t-believe-you-actually-said-that shit” audacity, no one can out do Lin Wood.

Wood’s remarks suggesting that SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts might be a satanic pedophile who was involved in Antonin Scalia’s death, and that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive are, alone, enough to advance him past Giuliani and Powell, but it gets even weirder than that. Really.

According to his former law partners, Wood is on tape suggesting that he may be the second coming of Christ. I suppose there’s some small comfort in knowing that Wood, apparently, isn’t entirely sure if he’s Jesus, but to even suggest it clearly puts him head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Take that, Rudy and Syd!

So congratulations, Lin Wood. You are Blogging Blue’s “Kook of the Year!” Well done, sir, well done!


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