My Martial Law Pillow

Nothing says a good nights sleep like martial law. Civil liberties are suspended, a curfew is enacted, troops and tanks rolling down the street, and the next thing you know a person can lay their head down and drift into sweet dreams of freedom. But you gotta have the right pillow. It’s gotta be a martial law pillow.

The Guardian is reporting that My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, more than a huge Trump supporter, was at the White House today and may have been encouraging Trump to consider declaring martial law.

And why wouldn’t Trump listen to him? If you can sell America a pillow surely you must know something about the United States Constitution and federal and state election law? If you weren’t an expert in these things how in the hell would you know how to sell America a pillow? Think about it people!

At what point do high profile Republican supporters of Trump admit that this is turning into the most savagely ridiculous and virulently dangerous bunch of unadulterated bullshit they’ve ever seen? How do they sleep at night without denouncing this madness? Ahhhh……. it’s gotta be the martial law pillow!


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2 thoughts on “My Martial Law Pillow

  1. Tagged just as news and not also as appropriately directed satire aimed at the subjects of this news. ;^)

    Pleased to see the tag team format for BB with you and Zach. Looking forward to more of your contributions and style. Thanks.

    We are 2/3 of the US population already living in the US Constitution Free zone, rules since 9-11 and the 24-7 surveillance and with no guaranteed rights. Martial Law might supersede the present removal of our constitutional rights or ratchet up some awareness and attention to the status quo in place through Bush, Obama and Trump so far.

    1. Nonquixote. I’m still trying to figure out the new WordPress block editor. Bear with me. Thanks for the welcome back.

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