President-Elect Biden Lays Out Comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan

It’s going to be really nice to have a president who’s willing to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic head on…

President-elect Joe Biden introduced a $1.9 trillion spending package Thursday that aims to speed distribution of the coronavirus vaccines and provide economic relief caused by the pandemic.

The package proposal includes investing $20 billion in a national vaccination program, $1,400 stimulus checks and expanding unemployment insurance supplements to $400 per week.

“During this pandemic, millions of Americans through no fault of their own, have lost the dignity and respect that comes with a job and a paycheck,” Biden said during a nearly 25-minute speech Thursday. “There is real pain, overwhelming the real economy.”

“There’s no time to waste. We have to act, and we have to act now,” he said.

  • $170 billion to help reopen schools, as well as provide financial relief to students
  • President-elect Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan includes the following provisions:
  • Expand to 14 weeks paid sick and family and medical leave 
  • $25 billion in rental assistance and an additional $5 billion to cover home energy and water costs
  • Extending the 15 percent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits increase to September 2021
  • $15 billion for grants to more than 1 million small businesses
  • A $20 billion investment to Indian Country to support tribal governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour

While many Republicans will likely reflexively oppose the Biden COVID-19 relief plan I’m hoping there are many who will understand while the financial cost of implementing the Biden plan is steep, the human and economic cost of half-measures and piecemeal “solutions” may be even greater.

It’s time for real leadership – not the ineptitude, selfishness, idiocy of the soon to be prior administration.


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4 thoughts on “President-Elect Biden Lays Out Comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan

  1. I agree that a huge Covid-19 relief package is needed and should happen immediately, but my fears and prediction tell me the GOP Senate votes will not be there.

    Helpful suggestions to expedite money into the hands of every person with a social security number, (no means testing what-so-ever) parents might have struggling adult children they could help along, for example.

    $2000 checks monthly for at least 12 months are chump change compared to another smaller one-time payment tied to this package, being held up once again until what, July or August???

    Vote up or down on the cash payment, put legislators clearly on the spot before the public eye.

    Separate the vaccination priority along with a universal health care coverage for immediate implementation. Again transparent 1 issue up or down vote to clearly point to where individual legislators stand. Expidite these two issues in first three days of Biden’s term or the package will fester and people will suffer and die. Stop the immediate bleeding, no excuses.

      1. I’m fearing that you might be engaging in some wishful thinking, but do hope you are correct.

        And I knew the upcoming majority count when considering my first statement. We are talking about elected members of the Democratic party after all.

        There is a long and clear track record of turning certain victory into defeat.

        1. Well sure, getting Democrats to agree on things is often like herding cats.

          That being said I’m hopeful that there will be some consensus on the need to take strong action to deal with the pandemic, both from an economic front and from a public health front.

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