Robin Vos can suck a fat one

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is an absolute moron…

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos slammed Gov. Tony Evers for “acting like a dictator” by declaring health emergencies to address COVID-19 without support from the Legislature.

The Rochester Republican said in a virtual event Thursday the guv’s decision to keep reissuing emergency orders every 60 days without getting approval from the Legislature was illegal. He said the Legislature has been asking “since last June, to be able to work with us and do it in the process that’s legal, as opposed to one where you kind of take the law into your own hands and act like a dictator.”

He also said the recent Senate Joint Resolution 3 was not intended to eliminate the mask mandate, but to reduce Evers’ power with emergency orders.

“I believe wearing a mask should be something that isn’t a political statement. It should not be something that requires the government to mandate it in a way that the governor seems to say that’s the only way that’s effective,” he added.

The irony of Robin Vos accusing Gov. Tony Evers of “acting like a dictator” is that Vos seemingly had no issue with former President Donald Trump literally trying to become a dictator – I didn’t see a single statement from Vos criticizing any of Trump’s post-election attempts to subvert democracy – so clearly Vos’s “outrage” is less genuine than it is political, given Vos’s likely ambitions to run for governor against Evers.


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  1. You mean the Robin Vos who appointed himself to WEDC because he was afraid that the governor would give away the store and leave the taxpayers with the bill…and in the same breath was concerned that Foxconn was being mishandled? That Robin Vos?

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